Check Out This Cool Feature of the Atomos Ninja V

Atomos has been one of the most impressive companies when it comes to firmware updates for existing products. I remember being on the floor of NAB when the Ninja V was first announced many years ago and it is still getting substantial and meaningful updates today. In fact, Atomos just released another version that added some incredibly useful features for creators.

Chris Brockhurst is taking a closer look at firmware version 10.74 which adds Onion Skin Overlay along with a few other helpful features. If you are trying to make some unique shots these types of things can make life so much easier.

What is the onion skin overlay? It allows you to overlay an image or frame grab over the live view to make it easier to line things up in your current shot. This can be incredibly useful if you are trying to match up with a shot from an earlier shoot or from an image you saved for inspiration.

Atomos will also allow you to capture a frame grab of a clip on the Ninja V. All you have to do is scrub through your footage and hit the frame grab button to save it to the storage as a PNG.

Then, you can hit the onion skin overlay function and either select the last grab or navigate through the media folders to find the exact image you would like.

Image Credit: Atomos

The overlay has a good amount of options with the ability to apply the overlay to the left or right half of the screen or the entire screen. There are three levels of opacity to choose from depending on what you prefer.

You can’t actually record while the onion skin is live so you could just use it as a basic monitor as you record on your camera or just turn it off when you are ready to go. A nice idea is to help with transitions as you can line up the action perfectly with the next shot without having to do some guesswork.

What do you think of this new feature?

[source: Chris Brockhurst]

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