Atomos Firmware Update Brings ProRes Raw Over HDMI to Leica SL2-S

Atomos is pairing up with Leica to bring ProRes Raw over HDMI to the Leica SL2-S. Since Apple introduced the venerable codec, more than 40 different camera platforms have adopted it for its lossless quality and dynamic range, which preserves color data and gives colorists plenty of wiggle room to grade video footage.

But when you think of film production, you don’t generally think of Leica. Traditionally the domain of doctors and lawyers looking for a vanity camera to impress their friends with. But over the past few years, Leica has sought to buck that impression by focusing on their higher quality lenses and the development of their BSI-CMOS image sensor.

Image Credit – Leica

The Leica SL2-S is the culmination of that focus with a 24mp image sensor protected by a durable, all-metal camera body. The BSI sensor has multi-axis image stabilization when combined with Leica’s L-mount lenses for a sharper image and more stable control.

Coupled with the Atomos Ninja V/V+, Leica can now break out of the H.264 ghetto and provide shooters with more quality video with ProRes RAW, and boost the SL2’s 4K video performance to 60 frames a second. With its HDR display, the Ninja V/V+ also gives Leica users a higher dynamic range and color gamut, with the choice of either HDR10 or Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) options.

Users can also preload LUTs to bake in a set color style while gaining access to various color tools like waveforms, false color, check focus, framing guides, and image magnification. The compact, 5” touchscreen display also makes the overall weight when combined light and mobile, so that the $5,000 camera can remain as light and nimble as possible.

Image Credit: Atomos

Judging that Atomos has entered into a long-term partnership with Leica means that the high-end German camera company may be well on its way to gaining respect within the realm of professional video photography. It has a way to go to shed its reputation as a vanity camera for doctors and lawyers, but with Atomos handling the heavy lifting of video recording, it’s certainly worth taking another look.

The required firmware updates for the Leica SLS-2-S and the ATOMOS NINJA V/V+ will be available for download beginning of May 2022.

[source: Atomos]

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