Folding 4K Monitor Uses MicroLED Technology and Conceptual Design to Impress Content Creators

The C SEED N1 is a unique TV monitor that uses concertina folding technology to retract down into a sculpture when not in use.

The screens are also available in large screen TV sizes of 103-inch, 137-inch, and 165-inches. There are also 144-inch and 201-inch folding outdoor models.

Image Credit – C Seed

With a 4K MicroLED screen, the N1 has a super bright contrast and color gamut. Thanks to MicroLED pixels that generate their own light without the need of a backlight, the N1 provides 16-bit color, 30:000 to 1 contrast ratio, with HDR10+ high dynamic range. It is also super bright at up to 1000 nits.

Image Credit – C Seed

The MicroLED panels are encased into individual sections of aircraft-grade aluminum and utilizes an origami-like folding mechanism.

The monitor is capable of folding into just about any configuration and uses a technique called “adaptive gap calibration, which makes the seams disappear when the monitor is open and active.

Image Credit – C Seed

The N1 can also make a full 180-degree horizontal turn thanks to an automatic rotation feature.

When not in use, the monitor can then fold down into an aluminum base which can sit at an angle or straight into a bench configuration.

C SEED says that it “discreetly folds back into its base, as a stunning piece of kinetic art.”

Check out the N1 in action:

For audio, the monitor includes two 100-watt speakers built into the design. But let’s face it, the traditional nature of home theater TVs is that speakers are included more as an afterthought, with the manufacturers preferring users to buy an accompanying home theater system or soundbar to do the heavy lifting of the audio.

And with its folding design, it’s likely the speakers aren’t all that great, no matter how powerful they are.

As many can imagine, at those screen sizes, the C SEED N1 isn’t going to be cheap, especially since it has that folding design. Then again, C SEED is known for high-end products that are custom designed for a certain corporate financial demographic.

But even with a retail price of $183,000 (€180,000), it’s hard to imagine the N1 being another other than a pricey technology demonstrator that will never really see the showroom floor unless it’s at CES.

[source: C Seed]

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