Is it Worth Paying Subscription for FiLMiC Pro V7?

Long considered one of the best apps for shooting video on iPhone, FiLMiC Pro has gone through some recent changes to its model.

It’s no longer a one-time purchase and will instead be a subscription. Sounds similar to when Adobe went to the cloud.

Version 7 of the FiLMiC app does come with some upgrades and the latest iPhones continue to get better and better for video. Is it worth playing for the subscription?

iPhoneographers is taking a deep look at the app and its current features to see if it is still worth keeping even with the new pricing model.

To their credit, V7 of FiLMiC Pro includes a lot of major changes. This includes redesigned manual controls and a new info slider, plus they added Quick Action Modals (QAMs). This gives users a few options for changing settings.

Interface Overview

The general control scheme looks similar to before. You have white balance controls, different profiles, film looks, presets, saturation, vibrance, etc.

Most other things have gotten some tweaks.

The camera picker has some new design elements but works the same. There is some more information.

Menus are the same as before once you dive into the real settings so not much to talk about there. A few of the changes in V6 may have been a longer-term goal for V7.

FiLMiC Pro V7

Image Credit: FiLMiC Pro

Action Slider & QAMs

Among the actual new changes is the action slider. This feature is a small drop-down at the top of the screen that shows you all the key settings. This is your ISO, shutter speed, white balance, codec, and profile. Makes it easy to double check everything.

The functional part of this is that you can also tap the settings up top and get quick access to those settings to make adjustments. These are the new Quick Action Modals (QAMs).

These work well and very clearly show you the settings. Most even have some quick selections for common options along with a slider for more precise adjustments. It should save some time during a shoot.

Manual Controls

For exposure, you have a few options. There is using a reticle you set on the screen, a center-weighted, or manual. The manual controls are very different than before.

They are no longer arcs you adjust they are now just vertical sliders. They used better color design to make it a bit easier to see as well. You can switch between the key settings as you need and can lock things down.

If you opt for auto controls you can tap on the separate controls to lock them down.

Focus works similarly and there is even the ability to do focus pulls now. You can use the blue and pink arrows to set it up and then make your move between the two.

Some nice changes here.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Image Credit: Apple

Function Button

Much like a real camera, there is now a customizable function button for quickly activating a key option or quickly accessing some settings. He has it set to reactive analytics.

This will, for example, turn on peaking when you are adjusting focus or activate zebras as you change exposure.
You can choose from a range of options:

  • Anamorphic
  • Manual Mode
  • Zebras
  • Selfie Mode
  • Play Last Clip
  • Hide Interfaces
  • False Color
  • WB Lock

Choose what you like.

Is the Subscription Worth It?

Well, this is still the million-dollar question. It’s $50 a year, which is not insignificant. If you have the current version, it is available with a slight discount of $40 a year, which is something.

If there are some features in here you don’t think you can live without and can’t find in an alternate app that might be enough to push you to subscribe.

If you use your iPhone for video constantly that might also make it worth it.

However, personally, I wouldn’t go for the subscription. It’s nice to have, but alternatives are around that can do some similar things without the subscription.

One option is to download the legacy V6 from within the app. You don’t have to use the subscription you just won’t be getting the newest features.

What do you think? Are you going to subscribe?

[source: iPhoneographers]

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