Cooke’s New SP3 Full Frame Cine Lenses Offer Wider Mount Support For that Classic Look

With the new SP3 Cinema Lenses, Cooke is bringing their iconic “Cooke look” and bringing it to a full-frame mirrorless platform.

For the first time ever, the classic cinema lens company is designing cinema optics to be used with more mainstream cameras without sacrificing the aesthetic that Cooke is known for.

Image Credit – Cooke

A Lens Legacy

Based on Cooke’s successful Speed Pancro lenses, the Cooke SP3 prime lenses promise outstanding optical performance from a lightweight and compact design, with precision-tooled iris focus mechanisms and, of course, that iconic “Cooke look.”

The prime lenses are available in focal lengths ranging from 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm.

The SP3 lenses offer a consistent and fast T2.4 aperture across the series, with a 9-bladed iris that produces a smooth bokeh with accurate adjustments and fine control.

Non-linear focus scales provide pinpoint guidance while focusing at a minimum distance. The gears are designed with an industry-standard .8 MOD focus system that also makes them compatible with standard third-party FIZ systems.

Image Credit – Cooke

Cooke is also going all manual with the SP3, offering no autofocus or metadata contact points to transmit information.

The lenses are old school and unabashedly so. Focus scales are marked on both feet and meters for easy reading and setting focus points.

The result is an image that produces high-performance definition and sharp image resolution with the classic fall-off as the frame moves toward the edge.

Cooke has also deployed optical coatings to ensure flare control and color matching across the lens focal series.

Interchangeable Mounts

Traditionally built exclusively for PL mount cinema cameras, Cook lenses are able to be adapted to other mounts utilizing custom PL mount adapters.

However, with the new SP3 model, Cooke is expanding support to Sony E-Mount, Canon RF mount, and Leica L and M mount options. Ironically, it appears there’s no PL mount option.

Image Credit – Cooke

The lenses also have a common 64mm front adapter with an M58 filter size, except for the 100mm model which has an 82mm diameter and 77mm filter size. Users can quickly add matte boxes and adapters without adding adapters for additional weight.

Pricing and Availability

The Cooke SP3 Five Lens Set is available at a preorder retail price of $21, 375.00 It comes with a standard E-Mount lens mount, and for a limited time, users will receive an interchangeable RF mount. The RF mount, however, is currently on back order due to limited availability.

Additional mounts for Leica L and M mounts are also available. Piecemeal, the lenses retail for $4,500 each.

[Source: Cooke, Explora]

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  • Cooke SP3 Full-Frame 5-Lens Prime Set, 25/32/50/75/100mm, Sony E (B&H)
  • Cooke SP3 25mm T2.4 Full-Frame Prime Lens, Sony E (B&H)
  • Cooke SP3 32mm T2.4 Full-Frame Prime Lens, Sony E (B&H)
  • Cooke SP3 50mm T2.4 Full-Frame Prime Lens, Sony E (B&H)
  • Cooke SP3 75mm T2.4 Full-Frame Prime Lens, Sony E (B&H)
  • Cooke SP3 100mm T2.4 Full-Frame Prime Lens, Sony E (B&H)

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