RED Adds Global Shutter to V-Raptor Cameras with Expanded Dynamic Range

RED Digital Cinema has announced an upgrade to the V-Raptor and V-Raptor XL large format cinema cameras which adds a global shutter and improved processing to expand dynamic range to over 20 stops.

The V-Raptor [X] and V-Raptor XL [X] 8K cinema cameras also introduce new features including Phantom Track and Extended highlights for improved audio performance and optimized image clarity. The best part is, that existing Raptor owners can upgrade.

Image Credit – RED

Dubbed the RED Global Vision initiative, the V-Raptor [X] and V-Raptor XL [X] offer the Extended Highlights mode which allows the camera to see color and detail at the most extreme ends of the light spectrum and provides a more subtle and soft highlight roll off.

The result is a dynamic range of over 2 stops in Extended Highlights mode.

Image Credit – RED

The global shutter is the same sensor design that was introduced in the RED Komodo, and since its introduction, RED Fire Chief Jarred Land stated that clients have been pushing the company to expand the global shutter to the rest of the RED Cinema line.

“Creating a global shutter sensor while maintaining dynamic range is almost impossible and then on top of that is the addition of an optional Extended Highlights mode,” Land added. “It shows we are pushing image processing far past the limits that were once believed.”

Employing the [X] sensors’ global shutter readout, the full 8K sensor can capture up to 120 frames per second (150fps at 2.4:1) in REDCode Raw with 16-bit color alongside RED’s IPP2 Workflow and color management.

A lower resolution of 6K can capture up to 200 fps in 2.4:1 and an incredible 600 fps at 2K.

Image Credit – RED

Land went on to state on Facebook that the Extended Highlights mode is designed to be “for protection,” by adding more planes of data for the sensor to pull from (for example – time).

Shooters capturing Prores Proxies + R3D not only get those proxies to have that simplified extension baked into the Prores, but the R3D files will have the separated data still contained.

Image Credit – RED

“Extended Highlights is NOT something we created to offset the limitations in dynamic range that Global Shutter usually suffers,” Land added. “[It’s] just more on top of really great sensor engineering…. something extra that can only happen to this level with a global shutter.”

Moreover, Phantom Track mode offers dual-capture capability during virtual production, which streamlines virtual workflows to capture separate R3D clips using GhostFrame and frame remapping, as well as monitoring live on-set actions over SDI.

RED has a write-up of Extended Highlights on the RED Support Website.

Pricing and Availability

The new RED V-RAPTOR [X] and V-RAPTOR XL [X] are available now from RED with a retail price of $29,995 and $44,495 respectively. There is also an upgrade path for current V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL owners, who can have the global shutter and associated boards installed for $12,500.

Additional accessories are available including the RED Compact Electronic Viewfinder for $4950, Advanced V-Lock Adapter Plus Battery Adapter for $1768 which also includes all new features including a 6-Pin DC-IN port for continuous power to camera and auxiliary power outputs for additional flexibility and use with external power sources.

Existing V-Raptor Owners should contact their RED rep directly for more information on the [X] Upgrade Program, or visit the RED Studios Hollywood Store location to schedule a demo. The upgrade is expected to take from 7-10 days, depending on availability.


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