Sachtler Unveils New Cine Series Fluid Heads

Sachtler has just announced a new series of fluid heads designed to meet content creators’ unique needs, whether they are operating as a one-man crew or part of a huge professional production.

The Cine Fluid Heads combine a self-proclaimed host of innovative features with reliable flexibility and smooth camera movement.

There are three models to choose from, the Cine 20, Cine 30, and Cine 50, each of which Sachtler proudly proclaims are the smallest and lightest in class.

Image Credit – Sachtler

Each model is specifically designed for the specific needs of content creators using camera setups ranging from mirrorless camera rigs, to fully fit-out cinema cameras with monitors and focusing systems.

The Sachtler Cine 20 offers a load capacity of 2-22 kg (up to 48.5 pounds) and fits in a 100mm bowl head. The Cine 20 can carry everything from a mirrorless camera fitted with a large lens, as well as additional accessories including a monitor recorder, V-mount batteries, and wireless transmitters.

The Cine 20 offers 16 Speed Balance Steps for counterbalance and 7 pan and tilt steps, with a 5.9″ Sliding Plate Range, support for Sideloading, and a pan bar rosette.

It also includes a telescopic pan handle and an illuminated bubble level. And while Sachtler recommends the Flowtech 100 carbon fiber tripod to round out the setup, any tripod with a 100mm bowl is supported.

Image Credit – Sachtler

Moving on to the Cine 30 and Cine 50, both these fluid heads can carry a useful load of up to 30 kg and 50 kg respectively, equating to up to 110 pounds.

This makes these two fluid heads ideal for heavier platforms including large-format cinema or broadcast-style cameras.

Both fluid heads offer 18 Speed Balance steps and both 7 and 9 Pan and Tilt steps respectively. Moreover, both heads offer side load support and a front pan bar rosette with a 5.9” sliding plate range and illuminated bubble level.

Image Credit – Sachtler

Pricing and availability

The Sachther Cine 20 Fluid Head is available for preorder for $6650, while the Cine 50 is available as a special order item for $11,305.

Users can also bundle the head together with the Flowtech 100 MS Carbon Fiber System for $10,830, or the CF100 ENG HD 2 CF Mid-Level Tripod system for $10,640.

Meanwhile, the Cine 50 is also available for special orders at a retail price of $14,012.50. The Cine 30 is also available as part of the Sachtler 3025 Tripod System for $15,960, while the Cine 50 can be bundled as part of the Sachtler Cine 150 Ground Level Tripod System for $18,145.

More information can be found at

[source: Sachtler]

Order links:

  • Sachtler Cine 20 Fluid Head, 100mm Bowl (B&H)
  • Sachtler Flowtech 100 MS Carbon Fiber Tripod System with Cine 20 Fluid Head (B&H)
  • Sachtler CF 100 ENG HD 2CF Mid-Level Tripod System with Cine 20 Fluid Head (B&H)
  • Sachtler Cine 30 Fluid Head , 150mm Bowl (B&H)
  • Sachtler 3025 Cine 30 Tripod System (B&H)
  • Sachtler Cine 50 Fluid Head, 150mm Bowl (B&H)
  • Sachtler Cine 150 Ground-Level Tripod System with Cine 50 Fluid Head (B&H)

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