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How To Quickly Switch Frame Rates on the Panasonic GH5

If you’re someone who constantly shoots at different frame rates with your Panasonic GH5, then you’ll know the struggle of having to switch settings to get the look you go after every time. Let’s say you’re at a sport’s game shooting footage in the cinema standard 24

Blue Screen vs Green Screen: Which Setup Should You Opt For?

Chroma keying is a common post-processing technique that has been utilized in many filmmaking productions and other creative applications for ages. The process allows you to achieve virtually the impossible, whether it be sending your actors to a fictitious distant location or something as simple as letting

Alternative Ways to Use the Zhiyun Crane

The Zhiyun Crane is a low-cost 3-axis gimbal stabilizer primarily designed for small cameras such as the Sony A7S II, Panasonic GH5, and others with a similar form factor. With its 360-degree unlimited rotation and portable solid build, the Zhiyun Crane offers a compelling solution for solo

Placing Text Behind an Object in Premiere Pro CC

Some post-production tricks that initially seem simple to pull off usually end up being more complicated than one may think. That certainly applies to placing text behind an object, a commonly used technique that could also be very deceptive. While it does seem straightforward at first, it actually

Canon C200 Raw Footage Workflow + Free Samples for Download

It’s been almost five months since Canon officially announced their latest EOS C200 camcorder and made another huge splash in the filmmaking community. Among many of the well-known features available on the other EOS counterparts, the new member of the Cinema EOS camera lineup has brought to the table

Building the Ultimate USB Flash Drive for Your Creative Workflow

Reliable, blazing fast storage solutions typically refer to large servers or advanced NAS systems packed with arrays of solid-state drives striped together in different RAID configurations for the ultimate file reading and writing experience. Since having corrupt data or lost footage is not an option for any creative professional,

How to Keep Focus While Filming a Moving Subject

Keeping focus while filming a subject in motion could be a very challenging and daunting task even for some seasoned videographers and camera operators. This is especially true if you are short on staff and have to operate in a one-man-band shooting situation, such as in an