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Use This Simple Hack to Emulate Smooth Slider Shots with a Gimbal

The advent of gimbal technology in filmmaking is relatively new, especially when you compare it to well-established camera stabilization systems such as Steadicams, cranes, dollies and other similar filmmaking tools that have become the industry standard and have been extensively utilized by professionals on set for decades. As

Akitio Thunder3 Quad Mini External Storage Solution for Your Mac

All filmmakers would agree that one of the most annoying parts of the entire post-production workflow is consistently falling short of storage. With the ever-increasing camera picture quality comes larger file sizes, so choosing a reliably fast storage solution for your workflow is paramount. Finding a viable

13 Essential Gimbal Moves For Your Creative Workflow

Gimbal stabilizers are exactly what you need to create the perfect visual aesthetics for any of your narrative productions and immerse your audience deeper into the story. You can easily do so by employing some essential gimbal movements on any creative project you have to do. So,