Adobe Releases Updates for Popular Creative Cloud Apps

The Adobe Suite of creative applications such as Premiere Pro, and After Effects have been some of our favourite tools here at 4K Shooters. I started using Premiere Pro when CS5 came out, and then upgraded to CS5.5. Before that I was using Final Cut Pro 7, but when FCP X came around, I wasn’t impressed with new “ipad-ized” interface and somewhat lack of major professional features I was used to in FCP 7. Since I’ve been with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 I haven’t looked back at Apple’s equivalent.

To be fair, FCP X has kind of come into its own after some significant updates in the past year and is still a solid NLE. I have recently upgraded to Creative Cloud and have been completely blown away by the flexibility, ease of use, and sheer native support of codecs, even for 4K XAVC, the latest 4K codec from Sony used in their 4K Sony FS7 camera.

Adobe Creative Suite applications have seen previous updates in 2014, and Premiere CC and After Effects were used in the post-production of major Hollywood films such as David Fincher’s latest film “Gone Girl”, a first in 6K acquisition. In addition, earlier in 2014, Adobe released a mobile app for Premiere called Premiere Clip for iOS devices.

adobe ccPremiere Pro CC 2014.2 Update

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.2, features some important editing enhancements, including support for ARRI Open Gate media, the ability to set transitions and still image default durations in seconds or frames and Cineform Export improvements. Improved scrubbing and shuttling in long GOP MXF files, in addition to QuickTime and Cineform codecs are now available for use as sequence preview file formats on Windows.

The 2014.2 update is addressing some critical issues and bugs hat affect workflows. Here are some of the notable issues resolved:

  • XDCAM HD proxy files appear with red frames
  • Crash using ripple trim on a grouped clip
  • Missing clips after Consolidating and Transcoding overlapping subclips
  • Crash when pressing Setup button of a AE-style transition
  • Comment Markers added to a merged clip get added to constituent clips, but the Name & Comments are not saved
  • Stop playback command ignored when editing or playing a multicam sequence
  • Crash exiting Direct Manipulation mode in Program monitor
  • Duplicate clips are missing from resulting project after Consolidate and Transcode
  • Crash when exporting AAF from a sequence containing clips opacity and scaling
  • GoPro 2.7K footage cannot be smart rendered when height is not evenly divisible by 8
  • Crash when exporting AAF with disabled clips that have cross fades applied
  • Turning on audio waveforms makes sequence unresponsive
  • Audio drop out during loop playback
  • MXF Media with Posterize Time Effect will not render
  • Audio dropouts during shuttling
  • Audio drops out while playing out to tape
  • Consolidate and Transcode with a custom P2 preset does not work correctly
  • Multiple accelerator files are generated on a network shared media cache location
  • Switching between projects that use the same workspace, all open Project panels get reset to root
  • Audio pops and surges during an audio transition
  • Export AAF with 24 bit embed option creates distorted audio files
  • Corrupt frames when rendering Sapphire effects and transitions
  • Crash on launch if OS X update has changed permissions for certain folders to Read-Only

The latest update to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite also addresses some bugs, issues and offers fixes and enhanced features for other popular applications within – such as Media Encore, After Effects, Audition, SpeedGrade and others.

Adobe Encoder 2014.2 Update 

The 2014.2 release offers some really exciting and welcomed updates, including YouTube and Vimeo uploading via Destination Publishing in Media Encoder CC for an easier and more integrated workflow for web delivery. See the updates in full to Encoder below.

  • Destination Publishing to YouTube and Vimeo

Encoder now includes new Destination Publishing options for uploading to YouTube and Vimeo. These can be found under the Publish tab in the Export Settings dialog box. The first time you use the feature, you will need to log in to YouTube and Vimeo with your username and password to upload your rendered files to these destinations.

  • Updated Vimeo presets

The H.264 Vimeo presets have been updated in accordance with guidance from Vimeo. The presets are now also set to match the frame rate of your source material.

  • Append preset name

There is now an option in the Media Encoder preferences that will include the name of your preset at the end of the output file name. Enable this option in the Media Encoder Preferences by checking “Append preset name to filename”.

  • Abort on failed decode

An option to abort the encode is included if a decode error is detected. At this time, this functionality only applies to MXF source files. You can enable the option in Preferences by checking “Stop current item if decode errors are detected”.

  • Export channels as separate WAV files

An option to the WAV format that will allow you to create a separate file for each channel of audio in your source file is added as well. You can enable this option by choosing Waveform Audio as your format and from the Export Settings dialog, checking “Export each channel as a separate file”.

  • Updated GoPro CineForm presets

In the 2014.1 release of Media Encoder there was a mismatch between the GoPro CineForm presets and the bit-depth of the resulting output. The export settings and presets have been renamed to correctly match the expected output. The following presets are available for the GoPro CineForm codec:

  • GoPro CineForm RGB 12-bit with alpha at Maximum Bit Depth
  • GoPro CineForm RGB 12-bit with alpha
  • GoPro CineForm YUV 10-bit

Media Encoder CC (2014.1) Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Various fixes for CC and FTP upload
  • Fixed: Smart rendering ProRes sources is very slow
  • Fixed: ProRes XQ sources decode with incorrect gamma setting
  • Fixed: Some DNxHD source decoded with all red frames
  • Fixed: Some h.264 exports were using the wrong colorspace
  • Fixed: PNG image sequence export was very slow
  • Fixed: In some situations timecode overlay would drift out of sync
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Adobe Media Encoder output and Encore
  • Fixed: Some MPEG2 exports mixed with Dolby Digital audio would play out of sync in non-Adobe applications


After Effects CC 2014.2 (13.2) Updates

  • scripting improvements for text layers
  • expression access to dynamic layer bounds
  • new keyframe icons
  • many bug fixes

For a full list of updates for After Effects in the 2014 (13.2) update visit Adobe here.


Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2014.2 Update

  • Changed: Master Clip remain selected when the Playhead moves onto a new clip
  • Added: Warning now alerts users when a GPU with insufficient capacity (1GB of VRAM or less) is used for high resolution footage
  • Changed: Improve usability of Color Wheels.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: UI issue where Media Browser tree failed to display icons
  • Fixed: SpeedGrade will now recall which scopes were toggled after restarting application
  • Fixed: SpeedGrade will now correctly render a group with variable opacity (Native Mode)
  • Fixed: SpeedGrade no longer crashes when a GPU with insufficient capacity is used in Direct Link
  • Fixed: Image no longer compromised when “No LUT” layer used (Direct Link mode)
  • Fixed: When a Look is applied to a Master Clip, the Master Clip tab remains selected.
  • Fixed: Colors no longer inverted when using an insufficient GPU with with 5K or 6K footage (Direct Link mode)
  • Fixed: (Windows only) Direct Link to SpeedGrade no longer fails with the project name containing double byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
  • Fixed: File names were truncated in the restore Autosaved Project dialog box (affected German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian)
  • Fixed: Tooltip message when hovering over In/Out point on Mac corrected
  • Fixed: Tooltip for color swatches now appear in localized languages for non-English versions of SpeedGrade
  • Fixed: Direct Link issue where white screen displayed when importing a project with many sequences (Retina Display)
  • Fixed: Auto-keyframes are now displayed as soon as they are applied
  • Fixed: A rare issue with a Drag&Drop area inside the scopes (aka Analysis Tools)
  • Fixed: An issue with importing single sequences in Direct Link
  • Fixed: Undo now works correctly when modifying a mask (Direct Link)
  • Fixed: Bug where Trash icon remained highlighted
  • Fixed: Playheads sometimes disappeared when playing multiple Timelines at the same time
  • Fixed: The category names for custom Look layers now appear in localized languages (German, French , Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian)
  • Fixed: Fullscreen background color is now consistent with UI in normal mode

 For more details and a full list of bug fixes and updates for other Adobe CC application head over to Adobe.

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