Pilotfly H2 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Footage

You may remember the pistol grip 3-axis stabilizer craze that started last year with the Nebula 4000 from FilmPower, which spawned numerous competitor products namely gimbals from budget manufacturers such as CAME-TV and Pilotfly. The latter had the H1 and later H1+ which offered a lightweight single hand gimbal that produced smooth shots with mirrorless cameras such as the Sony A7s, Sony RX10 II or Panasonic GH4. And while FilmPower followed up the Nebula 4000 with the 5-axis (sort of) Nebula 4200, that goes into two hand territory, a major departure from the design of the original, even though they have a version similar to the 4000, Pilotfly released the H2 – sporting a very similar, but upgraded design to the H1. Below you can find some new footage from their latest Pilotfly H2 single grip 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that you might find useful.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 21.39.21

For those not familiar with these type of gimbals, the Pilotfly H2 is a single hand type 3-axis gimbal with a 32bit AlexMOS board with Triple-MCUs and 2 integrated IMU sensors that offers a more powerful and stable shooting experience than ever before. The Pilotfly H2 features an intuitive and easy to operate 4-way joystick, and 3 x integrated standard 1/4″ 20 screw holes (one on each side and one at the bottom) allowing users to mount accessories.

An improvement over the design of the original H1/H1+ is that on the H2 the handle is now detachable. The material used in the construction of the H2 is CNC aluminium alloy and the design is also tool-less. The new brushless motors were designed with integrated MCUs and Pilotfly claim they’ve achieved a weight reduction of around 30% compared to standard motors on other gimbals.

The gimbal can do inverted mode, and the Yaw and Roll axis have a full 360° rotation, without obstructing any cables. The Pilotfly H2 can take camera/lens combos up to 2.2 kgs (around 5 lbs.) making it a good fit for the Sony A7sII or the Sony a6300.

Pilotfly H2 3-Axis Gimbal Features and Highlights

  • 32bit Alexmos with Triple-MCU technology
  • High pay-load motors with integrated encoders
  • Tool-less design / Quick-release plate
  • 2.2kg payload
  • 360° Yaw (no limitation)
  • 4-way joystick
  • Detachable handle
  • 3 x ¼“ screw holes (one on each side and at bottom of the handle)
  • 5 pre-configured profiles (Follow Mode, Pitch Lock, Full Lock, Follow Roll and Home Move)
  • Auto-Invert-Mode (all profiles can be also used in this condition)
  • Roll axis 180° turnable to mount cameras with flip screen
  • Integrated 4S Li-Po battery with an operation time up to 26h
  • Status LED for power and battery level
  • Integrated Bluetooth module for remote control (RM-01 remote controller is coming soon)

Pilotfly H2 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer

A 2-hand grip handle is available as an additional accessory. The Pilotfly H2 package includes also a carrying case as pictured below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 20.37.27


  • 32bit Alexmos 3 axes gimbal
  • integrated Triple-MCUs with 2 IMU sensors
  • Weight appox. 1200g (including battery)
  • Dimension 370 x 190 x 190mm
  • Max. motor payload up to 2.2kg
  • Integrated Li-Po battery 14.8V 1800mAh
  • Operation time up to 26 hours
  • 4-way-joystick
  • Integrated Bluetooth module
  • Supported temperature accelerometer calibration
  • 5 user-configurable modes of system operation with a toggle button
  • Pitch and roll angle can be controlled by 4-way-joystick
  • Adaptive PID-algorithm for preventing vibrations in big angles
  • “ACC low-pass filter” to improve the stability
  • Low-voltage protection for integrated battery
  • System beep sound alert for low voltage / mode change / calibration / Wireless remote control with Android App via Bluetooth
  • Firmware upgradeable to be always up-to-date
  • System configuration via different platforms possible (Windows, MACOS, LINUX)

Our friend Dave Dugdale from LearningVideo.com has done a first test video on the Pilotfly H2 and you can check out his thoughts on the gimbal so far in the video below:

The Pilotfly H2 can be ordered directly from the manufacturer here for $998 or if you are in the US you can order yours from B&H here.

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