Sony Wants You to Know Just How Awesome Firmware 2.0 for the VENICE is + Sony RAW Viewer v3.1 Update

Sony really wants you to know how awesome their latest big firmware update v2.0 for the VENICE camera really is. And rightfully so, after many years and predecessor CineAlta’s like the F35 and F65, it seems that the VENICE is more than just the natural evolution of digital motion picture acquisition technology.

Everything about it feels different – just look at the name – VENICE! It’s new, it’s bold, it’s very (dare I saw it) “Alexa”-like… it’s definitely not your traditional Sony camera name, not even close. Sony love their “F” designations for top-end CineAlta cameras, but if there is one thing their marketing department has learned over the years – is that marking a top-of-the line camera carrying the name of a legendary tourist destination that most people have only seen on postcards is a hell of a lot easier compared to trying to make an “F_inser number_insert number” sound cool and less “engineer”-y in that ol’ familiar Sony way.

Sony VENICE CIneAlta 6K FF

But nope, the VENICE is a different kind of Sony camera; it’s cool and all the cool DPs are using it. Deal with it.

But enough about the name, you’ve seen the camera at trade shows, some of you have even shot projects with it, hell – some of you even own it; and it seems that the overall perception I am hearing is that everyone loves that thing. I’ve seen it projected at a Zeiss Supreme event and the footage looks stupendously good.

So, for those of you new to the VENICE looking for a brief, but well informative overview of the new features and added functionality in Sony VENICE Firmware v2.0, check out the video below with Peter Crithary from Sony.

Sony VENICE Firmware 2.0 Key New Features

  • Dual Base ISO 500/2500
  • Load your own 3D LUTs
  • E-mount is now active
  • New Sensor Modes including:
    • 4K 6:5 Anamorphic
    • 4K 4:3 Anamorphic 25p 29p
    • 6K 1.85:1
    • 6K 17:9
  • Variable Speed Shooting Mode supported
  • Surround View mode for:
    • 4K 17:9 (DCI 4K)
    • 3.8K 16:9 (UHD)
    • 4K 4:3 Anamorphic
  • Auto WB supported
  • High/Low Key exposure tool
  • ProRes recording to SxS cards

To read about Sony VENICE Firmware 2.0 head over to my previous post here.

In the video above, Peter Crithary mentions a rather popular music video that Claudio Miranda, ASC shot recently on the VENICE (the same Claudio Miranda, who also shot DIG – one of the promo short films shot on the VENICE for the VENICE).

To read more about his cinematography process and the “making of” Maroon 5 + Cardi B’s GIRLS LIKE YOU music video you should check out the full interview and BTS shots over at

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot – James Cameron will shoot probably nineteen planned sequels to Avatar on the VENICE, in case any of you still care about the “immersive experience” that (was) Avatar…

Sony Venice FF

Sony Venice on set of launch promo film / image by Sony

Sony VENICE Highlights

  • Full-Frame 36 x 24mm CMOS Sensor (Large Format)
  • 15+ stops Dynamic Range
  • Interchange-able Sensor Block
    • for future sensor upgrades (user serviceable)
  • 6K Full-Frame 3:2 mode (6048 x 4032)
  • 4K Anamorphic 4:3 and 6:5 (4096 x 3432)
  • 4K Super 35 mode (window)
  • Support for FF & S35 spherical lenses
  • Support for FF & S35 Anamorphic lenses
  • 8-step Mechanical Built-in ND filter (8 Stops ND)
  • PL mount (Cooke i technology supported)
  • Locking E-mount
  • Recording Codecs/Formats:
    • X-OCN Compressed Raw onto AXS-R7 Raw Recorder
    • 4K XAVC – Class480/300
    • ProRes HQ/422/LT
    • MPEG HD
  • Recording Media – SxS cards, AXS cards for RAW (external recorder)
  • Price: £37,000/$45,000 Body
  • 6K Full-Frame – License Only – approx. €6,000 to buy
  • Anamorphic Mode – License Only – €4,000 (or around €10K for both)
    • There will be also rental options for day/week/month for both
  • Compatible with existing CineAlta accessories:
    • AXS-R7 4K Raw recorder
    • DVF-EL200 viewfinder

Sony also recently released a new update for their RAW Viewer software. See what’s new below.

Sony RAW Viewer version 3.1 Update adds:

  • Support Sony VENICE firmware 2.0 X-OCN format
  • Support OpenEXR export with data compression
  • Support Playlist and EDL export feature

Download Sony Raw Viewer v3.1 here.

In case you haven’t updated your Raw Viewer in a while, as a reminder the previous update v3.0 also added support for:

RAW Viewer 3.0:

  • Support for VENICE/CineAlta RAW/X-OCN format
  • Support for aspect marker display or burn-in for export
  • Improved resize/crop function
  • Improved XAVC encode picture quality for HDR
  • Improved white balance adjustment behavior (Kelvin/Tint)
  • Improved user interface

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the VENICE by going to

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