CineBack Turns Your Sony Mirrorless Camera into a Cine Setup

Those who are looking to transition their Sony mirrorless rigs to a more professional-grade cinema camera, but are hesitant due to the costs involved in this economy may want to take a look at DSLR Video Shooter’s Cineback setup.

This rig adds V-mount battery capability, plus attachments for a D-Tap hub and various accessories. And the best part is, it’s under $300.

CineBack is the brainchild of Caleb Pike (aka DSLR Video Shooter on YouTube) who has been fond of creating various DIY camera configurations to give content creators more professional options without breaking the bank.

Image Credit – Caleb Pike, DSLR Video Shooter

If you want to see some of his various DIY solutions, check out his Ultimate Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Rig, and his Wireless Audio Sound Recording Kit. He’s also 3D printed a protective cage for the RODE Wireless Go wireless microphones.

Image Credit – Caleb Pike, DSLR Video Shooter

But this time around, Caleb is turning his attention towards creating a camera power back that Sony mirrorless camera users can slide their Alpha cameras into to make it function more like a traditional box-shaped cinema camera setup.

All users need is his CineBack module and a SmallRig 4183 cage, a D-Tap to FZ100 Dummy Battery, and users can also add a D-Tap to USB adapter cable for use with USB-based hardware.

The CineBack comes equipped with a slot for pulling out the articulating LCD screen on the Sony mirrorless camera, and placing it where it’s out of the way and secure, but still capable of being used when needed. Pike has also wired in a single power button to turn on all attached accessories with a single button push.

The cheese plate that attaches to the SmallRig 4183 cage allows for the attachment of numerous accessories including a top handle, and five or seven-inch monitor recorders, and also allows for powering the entire setup through a V-mount battery with a D-Tap power hub.

And when using larger focal length lenses, a heavier power supply not only counterbalances the system when going hand-held but also helps to manage and monitor power usage when adding a variety of accessories requiring power. Pike has even tested it with SmallRig’s 150-volt V-mount battery with great results.

Image Credit – Caleb Pike, DSLR Video Shooter

The nifty thing about the Cineback setup is that with the turn of a few screws, users can swap out the camera unit without having to break down the entire setup into its component parts and reassemble it. This will save a lot of setup time throughout the day.

Users can also mount the Cineback setup to a 15mm Rod mount and Arca Swiss plates in order to build out the setup even further with wireless follow focus, a matte box, and even a nifty volt display for keeping track of the power drain.

Pike isn’t stopping there either, with plans to add a modular Gold Mount battery option, as well as Cinebacks that support Canon R series and Fuji mirrorless cameras.

Pricing and Availability

Pike’s CineBack Module currently supports the Sony FX3, FX30, and A7C II mirrorless cameras.   But he has plans to offer Cinebacks for other Sony Alpha rigs, the Canon R series, and even Fuji mirrorless cameras.

Moreover, Pike is developing a modular Gold Mount battery option. The retail price lists for $299, but unfortunately, due to high demand, the Cineback is currently sold out for pre-orders. Users can sign up for an email list through the to be notified when it’s back in stock.

The only really missing from this module is an SSD setup for recording directly to a hard drive. But he states that he’s planning a variety of accessory add ons so stay tuned to see what he comes up with. In the meantime, users can fall back on Pike’s CineDock SSD Mount for an additional $10.

[source: Caleb Pike, DSLR Video Shooter]

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