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Kessler Release Pocket Dolly 3 Slider

Kessler Crane‘s brand has been synonymous with high-quality sliders, cranes, jibs and motion control systems for quite some time now, and universally embraced by professional filmmakers and enthusiasts alike. Their gear may not be considered quite affordable by conventional standards, but one thing is certain – Kessler

Easy Trick to Emulate a Jib Shot Using a Slider

Even now in the age of 3-axis brushless gimbal stabilisers flying off the shelves and totally dominating the market many filmmakers still prefer to use some of their good old and well-trusted tools that have been serving them well for many years. Sliders, for instance, are still a very powerful and efficient

A $75 DIY Slider from Rhino Camera Gear

OK, so now that Christmas is behind us, and we’ve (sort of) sobered up, maybe feeling a little depressed after seeing the latest credit card bill, hoping the wife won’t see that last gear purchase you made at 3:45am online in secrecy. The mid-festive between Christmas and