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Working with the Sony FS7’s RAW DNGs in DaVinci Resolve 12

Just two days ago we’ve covered how to match the Sony FS7’s EVF appearance with the Odyssey 7Q+ monitor/recorder and today we’ll delve into working with the FS7 and the Odyssey7Q+ even further by introducing another excellent tutorial provided by Convergent Design. This time, we’ll walk you through the process

A Quick Look at the OWC Envoy Pro Mini USB 3.0 SSD

The Envoy Pro Mini from revered SSD maker and Mac performance upgrade retailer OWC is an extremely powerful and fast SSD, despite its modest physical dimensions. Even though at first glance the Envoy Mini Pro looks just like a regular thumb flash drive, it is an extremely powerful and fast

How to Manage Clips with Different Frame Rates in FCP-X

Occasionally, editors and filmmakers have to deal with clips that come not only in various frame sizes but also with different frame rates while being part of the same project. Most NLEs manage project settings automatically which means that you can work with multiple media types with differing parameters in the same project. For instance,

How to Utilize a MIDI Controller to Enhance Your Editing Workflow

Being an integral part of high-end editing and colour grading workflows, hardware control panels have been around for years. They are still extensively utilized by many seasoned professionals as extremely effective tools that provide not only efficiency and flexibility in post, but also make the life of editors

Speed Ramping – How and When to Use it?

Speed ramping is ubiquitous in modern filmmaking, yet this doesn’t mean it should be used on every occasion just as any other filmmaking technique, especially when it comes to short or feature films. Sure, it may look cool in action sports videos, but if it’s not motivated and story-relevant, it’s

Adding Realistic Camera Shake To Your Footage In After Effects

These days there are literally countless ways to manipulate Raw footage using the already available post-production software solutions that are constantly getting better and more user-friendly oriented with every new version. For instance, you can replace different parts of your frame, remove unwanted artifacts, color grade your footage so

Five 4K Editing Desktop Workstations For Your Consideration

With all that 4K resolution and beyond becoming a reality for more and more productions, there are new demands for more powerful hardware resources and computing power that can handle these massive chunks of data no matter if it comes to 4K editing, grading, compositing or VFX work. Unfortunately, many