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Here’s the Latest RED Raven Footage

As more and more shooters start to receive their RED Raven cameras, there has been more and more awesome Raven footage popping up all over the web. The RED Raven has been shipping for the past couple of months and so far it is the most affordable

A Few Samples of RED Raven 4.5K Real World Test Footage

The smallest and most affordable RED family member – the RED Raven has recently started shipping and new test footage from the camera is starting to appear. We had two Raven owners get in touch with us already eager to share their footage. For those yet unfamiliar

Gorgeous New Footage From the 4.5K RED RAVEN

RED started teasing their latest 4K camera back in September, and not that soon after it was announced it quickly received a bump in the maximum resolution to 4.5K. The most affordable and lightest RED camera system to date targets those shooters, who’ve dreamt about joining the RED Army, but the price

RED Teases What Comes After Dragon

Well, I was really hoping for a RED T-Rex, but maybe we’ll have to wait a few more years to see that beast. REDuser – the official forum/online community for all things RED, has been buzzing with speculations and more recently a new announcement by RED Fire

4K Camera Shootout – BMPC 4K vs. Red Scarlet

Do you remember the 3rd of November 2011? This was an essential date for the filmmaking community and the industry in general as this was the first time a manufacturer announced a sub-$10,000 4K camera available to the masses. The Red Scarlet-X was a highly demanded and long-anticipated camera