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The Editing Essentials For 2015

Editing can be a very consuming and at times cumbersome experience for many filmmakers. Mike Wilkinson recently went into detail on FStoppers.com in talking about what he’s learned in his time crafting a workflow for editing video as a freelancer, and in reading it I was able to see that

Shooting 360fps with the Sony F55

While most equipment and techniques featured on 4K Shooters are for the budget-oriented shooters, or aspiring professionals, here’s something slightly different. For the price of an entire EPIC-M RED DRAGON Pro Collection, you can upgrade your existing Sony PMW-F55 from 240fps in 2K to 360fps in 1080p.

Lenzhound Releases Affordable Wireless Follow-Focus

Any 1st AC can tell you how important being able to easily pull focus is. On locked town shots or handheld with minimal motion, you can typically get away with using a focus whip. However, when it comes down to those jib, dolly, gimbal, Steadicam or simply

CyberLink’s Entry-Level VFX & Audio Programs Pack a Punch

CyberLink has been producing entry-level post-production and DVD authoring apps for some time now, and are often overlooked as any kind of an option when taking your footage into the editing suite. While none of their programs are going to be dethroning anything in the Adobe or AVID

A Look at the Boris FX Continuum Complete 9 VFX Suite

For most video productions a level of visual effects can be used to enhance the final product. Everything from basic color grading and lens corrections to more advanced overlays and special effects come into play in some form or another, and because of this there are a

Compact Teleprompter For DSLRs Seeks Holiday Crowd-Sourced Support

Many releases coming out these days for independent and small-budget productions favour the technical teams, but what about the talent? The people behind “The Parrot” look to share the love with those in front of the camera with their new innovative teleprompter design. Teleprompters are widely used broadcast

Metabones Speed Booster vs. “Dummy” MFT Adapters

Chicago-based Magnanimous Media recently tested the worth of Metabones’ pricey and desirable Speed booster lens adapters against their direct “dummy” adapter counterparts, for EF and Nikon adapters aimed at the Panasonic GH4 and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera on their YouTube channel. The benefits of using EF or F lens

How does the BMCC Work as a B-Cam to the RED Epic?

Director/cinematographer Matthew Rosen has completed projects for many high-end commercial clients over the years, and recently completed some camera tests involving two well-respected digital cinema cameras on the market today, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and the RED EPIC. He attached a PL lens mount to the BMCC

Canon C-Log and Technicolor CineStyle: The Case Against 8-Bit Log

For some time now, cameras the likes of the ARRI Alexa and Blackmagic Cinema Camera have offered their customers higher bit-depths and stronger color-sampling than Canon has put out with their popular EOS line. 10-bit 4:2:2 recording in-camera, 12-bit 4:4:4 recording in-camera, enough latitude and color space