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Building an Affordable Run-&-Gun Rig for Your Sony A7S II

SmallRig has been rolling out some excellent accessories for custom camera rigs lately providing a variety of cages, handles, shoe mounts, camera support systems and more. Some of these parts such as the SmallRig Sony A7II/A7SII/A7RII Cage and the SmallRig Cheese Handle have become extremely popular among

The Sony A7S II Video Travel Kit for Shooters On the Go

The Sony A7S II has become the de-facto “go-to” camera for many independent filmmakers and low budget productions, that require a travel-friendly kit. The camera has a small and lightweight form factor, it’s able to record 4K video internally, features S-Log2 and S-Log3 gammas, has a built-in image stabilization as

Practical Tips On Colour Grading S-Log2 Footage

One thing is for sure, shooting in S-Log2 (or utilising any other variation of Log gamma curve) is possibly the most efficient way to take advantage of the full dynamic range your camera sensor can capture. One of the downsides, however, is the extra amount of work

The Pros and Cons of the Sony A7S II

The Sony A7S II came out only about a month ago and already took the world of independent filmmakers and enthusiasts alike by storm. Naturally, many filmmakers who still don’t own the camera are interested in its overall performance mainly in comparison to the previous model – the Sony A7s and the

Is the Sony A7S II Overheating a Real Issue?

This is still a relevant question for many Sony A7S II shooters who are trying to find a workaround and deal with this extremely annoying issue, that unfortunately, as it turns out on various occasions, still does exist. To find the answers Max Yuryev is here with another insightful video where he puts

Sony A7sII Sun Spot Issue Fixed In New Firmware 1.10

The Sony A7sII was unveiled to the public at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam alongside the other big Sony camera announcement – the PXW-FS5, and it quickly became a very popular camera among indie filmmakers, corporate and promo shooters. Now finally we can record 4K internally on the