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10 Fantastic Low-Budget Lenses for Mirrorless Cameras

In a world where manufacturers are continuously rolling out lenses left and right, it’s easy to lose focus and get intimidated by the multitude of options available out there. With so many different brands, focal lengths, apertures, and whatnot, one may wonder which ones out there are

New PAGLink V-Mount Micro Charger Fits in Your Pocket

Powering your rig or directors monitor off a single V-mount/Gold mount battery solution sounds great, but in practice, this necessitates a clunky battery charger that is not very transport friendly. Especially if you want to travel light. However, the good people at PAG, the British designer and

Panasonic GH5 Firmware Version 2.2 Released

Panasonic has just released a new firmware update version 2.2 for their Lumix GH5 mirrorless camera. It’s no whopper, like Firmware 2.0, but hey at least it adds some improvements to VFR (variable frame rate) recording, where the bit rate gets stretched quite a bit in slow-motion,

KODAK Super 8 “Revival” Camera Update

Do you remember that Kodak Super 8mm camera prototype on display back at CES 2017 in January? Looks like Kodak have recently release some updates regarding their “revival” project that will (hopefully) come to bear fruit in the near future. Much to the mainstream’s surprise back in

Freefly Bring Their MOVI Magic to the iPhone

Okay, things are getting a bit confusing with the naming nomenclature here, but I am willing to let that go, as this freaking awesome news – Freefly Systems, who are responsible for some of the best camera stabilizers and such that go in the air, not to mention

Canon Announces 2 New 4K Zoom Lenses for the Broadcast Market

Canon have been making broadcast lenses for decades. As one of the big names in the broadcast lens manufacturing game, it makes sense for them to future-proof their lineup for the inevitable (gradual, but incoming) switch to UHD broadcast in the upcoming months/years. UHD broadcast adoption may

Quick Overview of the Blazing Fast Sonnet Fusion PCIe SSD

With the advent of newer, flash-based technologies, those involved in intense post-production workflows have been able to take advantage of faster sequential read and write speeds, especially when it comes to editing off an external hard drive, thus gradually making the conventional spinning drives a thing of

How to Shoot 5K 60fps Quicklapse Videos with Your Panasonic GH5

The Panasonic GH5 is undoubtedly one of the most popular cameras in the indie filmmaking community these days. With its ability to shoot DCI-compliant 4K at 60fps alongside 10-bit internal recording, variable frame rates, 5-axis image stabilization and the fact that it has a relatively affordable price

New Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 Fluid Video Head

Some of you may recall earlier in the year when Manfrotto a new fluid head featuring an innovative, continuous counterbalance system based on a nitrogen-piston mechanism – the Nitrotech N8. Unlike conventional video heads with stepped levels of counterbalance, the Nitrotech N8 can be precisely adjusted to