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Build a DIY Rig for Your GH4

If you are one of those shooters who have already invested money in buying a GH4, you should know that you don’t have to spend too much more to get a decent rig for your new camera. US-based filmmaker Erik Naso who owns three GH4’s already suggests an

Charge Your GoPro Cameras Wirelessly With Jolt Charger System

After the recent release of the new GoPro Hero4 cameras, we are really excited to see that so many interesting accessories for “the most versatile camera in the world” are emerging as well. Along with the first 3-axis GoPro gimbal announced by DSLR Pros, today we’ll cover the first

3-Axis Powered Stabilizers for Your iPhone or GoPro Hero4

On the day of the official release of the new GoPro Hero 4 cameras, we’ll explore one option to turn the smallest and most affordable 4K camera into a usable shooting device that could produce some descent professional results as well. Many filmmakers use the GoPro cameras mostly for

Sony A7S ISO & Noise Test Video Comparison

Besides the fact that the Sony A7s was proclaimed as the “low-light king” and became one of the most popular mirorrless compact cameras of 2014, it still has flaws. Sure, it features a professional gamma curve such as S-log2, shoots 4K (though externally), has a full-frame sensor

Some Of The Most Reliable Hard Drives for Your Workflow

How often have you experienced hard drive failures? This is one of those moments when while working, suddenly you start hearing some weird clicking sounds coming from the heart of your work station (whether it is Mac or PC). Before you realize what is actually happening,  one of your

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 240fps Slow Motion Video Examples

In 2014 shooting a short or a feature film on an iPhone or any other smart device fitting in a pocket could be hardly surprising for any of us. There are plenty of examples already where iPhones were used as a primarily shooting device on professional commercial

Tips and Tricks on Putting Together A Music Montage

One of the most common advises many professional editors would give young filmmakers is to try and find the best editor you know and the one you can afford to do the job for you. Undoubtedly, this is a reasonable advice, however there are always some little tips and

Moonlight – Sony A7s Short Film Lit Only by Moonlight

Shooting a movie scene lit only by moonlight has been a dream for generations of filmmakers. Unfortunately, it was unattainable in practice, for the most part, up until now. Stanley Kubrick might have shot Barry Lyndon with available light 40 some years ago, but then again that

Joey – a Professional 4K Full Motion 360º Camera

No, this is not another fancy kitchen robot mixer. This is “Joey” –  a professional quality panoramic camera, allowing capture, broadcast, and live two-way teleconferencing in unprecedented 360º quality in up to 4K resolution. I’m quite sure even guys from Google would be impressed by the concept of capturing

Avid Releases DNxHR Codec For 2K, UHD And 4K Workflow

It was just a matter of time before Avid releases an upgrade to Media Composer and their existing intermediate codec DNxHD. Recently, during a stage presentation at Avid Connect Europe 2014, the company introduced the brand new DNxHR. The new capabilities of the codec are based on an architecture called Avid

Shoot 4K Video With Your iPhone 5S

Besides the 4K cameras, monitors, workstations, streaming platforms, codecs, transfer protocols and all other 4K tools we are familiar with already, 4K acquisition is trending as part of the smartphone technology as well. After the so-called “flagship killer” OnePlus One 4k Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Xperia

DisplayPort 1.3 Is Capable of 4K Video Transfer At 120Hz

Nowadays, imaging and data transfer technology is progressing really fast. There is a great demand not only for inexpensive 4K cameras and work stations, but for accessible higher resolution monitors and displays as well. Why do we really need to shoot in 4K if we can’t monitor properly

8-Bay 64TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID by G-Technology

I’m a big fan of G-Technology and their products, I have a couple of Firewire 800 G-Drive’s which I’ve been using for sometime, and they are running without any issues even today. G-Technology are one of the leading brands delivering premium storage solutions for audio/video production, filmmakers, editors, photographers

Panasonic LX100 Shoots 4K Video and Fits Easily In Your Pocket

While Canon are trying to keep the attention of indie filmmakers/videographers/video shooters etcetera with the outdated 1080p/60fps video mode of Canon 7D Mark II, Sony and Panasonic are releasing a brand new 4K camera almost every week now. Recently, Samsung also have joined the party with their brand new