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How to Get a Perfectly Lit Black or White Background

Light is life. Without light, cinematography simply would not exist. There are many techniques on how to achieve a certain mood or look using light and how to light a scene properly. Unfortunately, exposing a stop less or more and pointing your light source in front of your subject is

Sony A7s Extended Video Review by Philip Bloom

Finally! We have an extended full featured review of Sony A7s, which is more than 48 minutes long. After everything we saw in the last weeks, it will be nice to summarise everything we know about this great little camera. Philip Bloom produced this video review in the

Protect Your Sony A7s or GH4 HDMI Ports With LockPort

Ok, so you’ve saved up your hard earned cash, you’ve bought your A7s or GH4, some decent lenses and maybe an HDMI monitor, and you’re ready to shoot. However, one of the major issues of both cameras is the clumsy Micro HDMI output they have. Cables can snap out

Sony A7s In Action: Slow-Motion at 120fps

Slowly, but surely, Sony A7s is turning into one of the “go-to” 4K camera for the indie filmmaker, not only for its insane low-light capabilities and Full-frame size sensor, but also for its slow-motion capabilities as well. The camera can record 120 frames per second in 720p HD

Review of the Zoom H6 Portable Audio Recorder

The Zoom H4N, and other similar portable professional audio recorders, have grown at about the same rate as the DSLR revolution. The Zoom H4n became, and still is, the go-to recorder for any DSLR videographer remotely serious about capturing anything more than camera audio. In this post we

10 Tips & Tricks For High Quality Sound Recording

Sound is essential for every film production. No matter whether you shoot a short or feature film, one of the most important aspects of your work will be recording high quality audio. Even if you have shot excellent visual footage it will very often be useless without good

Dave Dugdale Has a Fix For The Audio Issues on GH4

The US based former sound designer and passionate  filmmaker Dave Dugdale, who now stands behind the successful site www.learningdlsrvideo.com, has advice for all the GH4 users who might have some audio bugs and issues with their brand new 4k camera from Panasonic. If you are one of them, the

Detail Comparison – BMCC 2.5K vs. BMPC 4K

The so-called “DSLR revolution”, started by pure accident from Canon, democratised the film industry irreversibly about five years ago. They were the first to put affordable tools in the hands of tens of thousands of indie filmmakers all over the world. Furthermore a few years later, Blackmagic Design

The Beauty of Black & White 4K Cinematography

Shooting in black & white is still a bit of a challenge for many filmmakers and definitely it’s not a simple and straightforward process. Many professional cinematographers claim that it is even harder to shoot in black & white compared to shooting in colour. As a rule of

Davinci Resolve 11 Beta 2 Is Now Available For Download

The latest beta version of one of the most powerful color grading software out there the Davinci Resolve was just released. The Lite version is also available for download and, as usual, it is still completely free of charge. Blackmagic Design has pushed DaVinci Resolve 11 in Beta