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Freefly MoVI Pro – One 3-Axis Gimbal Stabiliser to Rule Them All!

Three years after revolutionizing the industry, Freefly Systems are back with their next generation 3-axis gimbal stabilizer – the Freefly MoVI Pro! You probably remember the Freefly Systems MoVI M10 promo with Vincent Laforet in 2013, which took the filmmaking industry by storm and literally spawned off a whole

The MōVI Gimbals Get A New Firmware Update

Freefly’s 3-axis stabilized gimbals MōVI M5, M10, M15 just got a new firmware update. The latest 4.01 version of the software adds some new features that enhance the overall system’s capabilities and workflow on set and in post-production as well. The associated Freefly Configurator app for Windows, Mac OS and Android have been updated