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Casper Mini Stabilizer for Your BMPCC, GH4 or A7s

Smooth tracking shots are visually impressive, look pleasant to the eye, add production value to your video. I’m sure every each one of us can think of at least a dozen great examples of perfectly executed smooth shots from some of our favourite films. A fluid and

How Much Hard Disk Space Do You Need to Shoot in 4K?

Planning your feature film production is essential. In fact, one of the most important aspects that you should take into consideration is the hard drive space you will need for your captured material and backup. Depending on your shooting ratio, the length of the material to be shot, the number

Are the DSLRs Good Enough For The Big Screen?

The simple answer is “Yes, they are!” Even though, there are a lot of discussions, comments, and controversy on this topic. Ever since the beginning of the so-called “DSLR revolution” back in 2008 many filmmakers claimed that the lower resolution, the poor quality of the H.264 codec and