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How to Light a Moving Subject

Cinematography is quite literally the art of visualization through movement, as opposed to photography which is the art of writing with light. In that greek word κίνημα is all the essence of our craft: the moving image. It’s easy then to understand how important it is to

Closer Look at the Aputure LS 300x

The Aputure LS 300x is an incredibly versatile, single-point, bi-color LED light. In just a short time, Aputure has grasped a hold of a field that was once dominated almost exclusively by ARRI and Mole Richardson. They have led the charge as the industry has turned away

LUMU Power 2 by Lumulabs – New Light Meter for your iPhone

Most of you probably remember the original LUMU Power light meter for iOS devices that was Kickstarted by Slovenia-based Lumulabs over three years ago, and now Lumulabs are back with the sequel. The new Lumu Power 2 is a completely new light meter that can measure Colour Temperature of Flash in

Blind Spot Gear Launch New and Improved Scorpion v2 LED Light

Four years ago, Scotland based outfit Blind Spot Gear launched the Scorpion Light on Kickstarter. The flexible and rugged design of their innovative LED light won many video professionals over and they used the light on numerous big productions including Hollywood films such as “Trainspotting 2”, big-budget

Luminoodle Task: Ultra-Thin, Flexible LED Lighting

The advancements in LED lighting, not just in terms of light quality, but also in terms of design, have out-shined basically any other form of lighting for video. With every new generation of LED technology, new companies are re-inventing the way we think about lighting with compact,