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Nebula 4200 5-Axis Stabiliser Pre-Orders Start 9/28

If you recall about a month ago we told you about the new hand held gimbal stabiliser that FilmPower were working on called the Nebula 4200, which is to be the successor to their very popular single pistol grip Nebula 4000. The Nebula 4000 proved extremely popular in the filmmaking

Turbo Ace AllSteady 6 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer Starts Shipping

Just a week ago after another successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, US-based company Turbo Ace announced that they have started shipping the first units of their latest budget All Steady six handheld gimbal stabiliser. That is the right time to see whether their mission to create the ultimate DSLR/Red gimbal experience

Efficient Media Managing Tips and Tricks

For all of us living in the digital age storing media often can be a huge challenge. We can literally wipe out an entire day of shooting with a push of a button or two which is potentially a dangerous situation that should be treated very carefully and

What is a Timecode and How to Utilize it

Utilizing timecode for synchronizing to merge separate video and audio files in post production can be an extremely efficient and time-saving method for every professional production, especially when it’s applied correctly. Having a basic understanding of timecode has become an essential part of the workflow for both studio and field productions for many

Some Simple Tips On How to Clean Your Camera Sensor

Shooting with dust and debris on your GH4, A7s or Canon 5D Mark III camera sensor can be quite annoying and frustrating experience, especially when you are working in bright environments. Dust shows up as soft dark spots in the image, which often can ruin your shooting experience, and

DEFY Introduce Their New G2X Gimbal For $1,995

DEFY make some really cool handheld gimbals for a wide variety of cameras from compact cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, the Lumix LX-100, GH4, Sony A7s up to fully-loaded RED Epics. We also did a write-up on their awesome cable-soaring DACTYLCAM, which enables filmmakers to

Shoot 4K For Under $10,000 – Part 1: The Sony A7s

As 2014 nears it’s end, we find ourselves 10 years out from the development of the first 4K digital cinema camera, the RED One. Where RED started, all else have continued. As with any new technology, the cameras have gotten more powerful and less expensive as time