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GoPro Announces Hero+ LCD Camera with Touch Screen

GoPro, makers of the most popular cameras in the world, announced yesterday a new addition to their growing action camera family – the camera is called GoPro Hero+ LCD and aims to give enthusiasts and adventure junkies and even more flexible tool to capture their experience by

Three GoPro Stabilizers for Getting Smoother Professional Shots

As with any other camera system, the best way to make your GoPro images look more professional, steadier and smoother is by using a stabilizer. Due to the small physical size, the lack of internal stabilization and rolling shutter issues the GoPros are virtually unusable, especially for professional

GOLav Wearable Microphone for GoPro Hero4 Cameras

The GoPro cameras are so awesome, yet so small and capable of yielding incredible pictures and video in a size I still cannot fully fathom. Pick it up, stick it anywhere, whether it’s a fixed surface, car mount, harness, helmet or drone and capture your stories. No wonder

Integrating GoPro Shots with Your Main Camera Footage

There are many good reasons why GoPro is one of the most popular cameras in the world today, not only for the majority of extreme sports enthusiasts but also for many professional cinematographers and filmmakers as well. Throughout recent years, the nifty camera was used in many big

GoPro Hero4 Black 240fps Slow-Motion First Footage

Later this month, GoPro will release a new firmware update for the GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver editions of its latest camera lineup, which will add some very welcomed video features to the two models. The GoPro Hero4 Black will receive even higher frame rates at 240fps in 720p mode, as

Top 10 Most Astounding Drone Videos of 2014

2015 is just around the corner, and we are about to wrap up another really successful year for filmmaking. We’ve seen much new favourable gear throughout the year that has been released, tons of amazing 4K footage, a bunch of fantastic new cameras popping up, and some great gimbals. The

The SkyGlide X-Car RC is Your New Favorite Toy

In the not so distant past, most of us working on a budget had very limited options when it came to moving the camera in a smooth or innovative manner that looked half-way professional. Today, with the influx of hand held stabiliser gimbals, like the DJI Ronin,