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A Firmware Update For The New GoPro Hero4 Just Released

The recently released GoPro Hero4 cameras still create a lot of buzz and draw more and more attention of the filmmakers community. Highly demanded features like shooting 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 50fps, 1080p at 120fps, improved time lapse and night lapse settings, better battery performance in the same light robust

Rig Your iPhone 6 with This DIY Rig or Beastgrip It!

Just after a week ago we covered the DSLRPros 3-axis Smartphone Stabilizer, and today we have another relatively cheap DIY solution for your smartphone or GoPro camera. You can use this rig not only for the new iPhone 6 but also for some bigger in size models

The FPS1000 Camera Brings Slow-Motion to the Masses!

Now that we have really affordable 4K cameras and capture devices for under $2,000 and even smart phones which shoot video at 4K resolution, high-speed seems to be the next frontier. Just look at the new GoPro Hero4 Black, which can do 1080/120p or even the iPhone

Charge Your GoPro Cameras Wirelessly With Jolt Charger System

After the recent release of the new GoPro Hero4 cameras, we are really excited to see that so many interesting accessories for “the most versatile camera in the world” are emerging as well. Along with the first 3-axis GoPro gimbal announced by DSLR Pros, today we’ll cover the first

IO Industries Launches 4KSDI Compact 4K Camera at IBC 2014

“Size matters”? It’s not always true. IO Industries, a Canadian outfit, specialise in the production of cutting-edge small form-factor cameras for professional broadcast/cinema/video productions. Adding to their 2KSDI compact camera head, IO Industries announces their new “4KSDI” a 4K remote camera head designed to fit anywhere on

Panasonic HX-A500 – a 4K Point-Of-View Camcorder

2014 seems to be the year of 4K for Panasonic. The company is making a big push into the 4K home entertainment and 4K video market with the Lumix DMC-GH4, and a new line-up of 4K TVs. In March 2014, Panasonic announced  their new 4K POV wearable camcorder – the tiny HX-A500, in