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A Quick Tip: Balancing the URSA Mini on the DJI Ronin

Even though the latest URSA Mini in all its flavours is significantly smaller and lighter in comparison to the original URSA camera, the former still brings a lot of challenges to the table, especially when it comes to rigging and mounting the unit on a gimbal such as the popular

Steadicam vs DJI Ronin Gimbal Shootout

If you ever wondered whether a 3-axis gimbal like the DJI Ronin can be on par with a conventional Steadicam system delivering the same results in terms of performance and stability for a fraction of the cost then the video ahead might give you some answers. Videographer Bart Johnson

DJI Ronin and Glidecam HD 2000 Field Test Comparison

The 3-axis motorized stabilizers already revolutionised the industry with the advanced gyroscope technology used in their design.They are leaps and bounds ahead of the competitive tools on the market dedicated to the controlled and smooth, professional shooting relying only on purely mechanical balancing techniques. DJI Ronin, as most of

A Music Video Masterpiece Reveals the True Power of Drone Videography

As keen and passionate filmmakers, we are always seeking for new opportunities and innovative techniques to produce better visuals by constantly pushing the creative boundaries of our imagination. The final goal always stays the same, though – creating unique imagery that has never been seen or created before, or simply

How to Set Up and Balance a DJI Ronin

Setting up the DJI Ronin 3-axis gimbal reminds me of the old days when many of us (myself included) were trying to balance our 5D mark II or 7D on a Glidecam and the results were not always as what we expected. Of course, the 3-axis gimbals are

DJI Ronin Gimbal & 4K RED Epic Slow-Motion

The aerial wizards at DJI have been making drones (or UAS – unmanned aerial systems) for some time now. With their highly successful and affordable Phantom line of quad-copters, including the Phantom Vision and Vision 2, they solidified their position as the “go-to” manufacturer with the “low-budget” filmmaker when