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A Comprehensive Guide on How to De-flicker Your Timelapse Videos

Time-lapse videography is a powerful cinematography tool that when used accordingly can do wonders for your production. A common issue that you might stumble upon, though, when shooting time-lapse videos are the annoying flickering artefacts. Experienced videographers know how to avoid this troublesome issue, but even when you are following strictly

Pulse is the Ultimate Bluetooth Trigger for Your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

With more than a quarter million dollars raised through its already multiple times over-funded Kickstarter campaign, Pulse has attracted hundreds of videographers and enthusiasts alike who already pledged a sum and supported the project. According to its creators, Pulse is the most powerful way to control your camera from your smartphone

5 Simple Tips For Shooting Motion Controlled Timelapse Videos

With virtually limitless ways to move your camera, motion controlled timelapse videos can be a great asset for your production. They can not only leverage your productivity but can also add better production value to your project. On top of that, shooting such videos has never been easier. Whether you are

Capturing 8K Quicklapse Video For a Commercial Project

Back in 2012 when the award-winning filmmaker and co-founder of the small production company Sanchez-Olaso, Miguel de Olaso Macgregor accidently found how he can take the time-lapse photography to a whole new level by developing the so-called Quicklapse technique. He was on a trip to Iceland when suddenly he ran across a damaged

Impressive ‘Watchtower Of Turkey’ Merges Hyperlapse and Motion Video

An inspiring story, innovative ideas, stunning visuals, seamless editing, superb soundtrack these are just some of the requisite ingredients for a visually compelling masterpiece. It takes time, patience, dedication, talent, creative vision, and a lot of hard work to pull off such a project, that can indeed elevate and make your work stand out in our

Mesmerizing 4K Time-Lapse of Earth and the Sun

You might think that creating a time-lapse from found images is an easy job. An assumption like this can not be further from the truth. When James Tyrwhitt-Drake compiled images of our planet taken from the Elektro-L weather satellite, he had his work cut out for him.

Time-Lapse Video Workflow Inside Lightroom and After Effects

Many people still do wonder what is the easiest and fastest way to create time-lapse videos. There are different workflows and many available options as probably the most efficient one is shooting time-lapse sequences directly with your video camera. Many of these tools such as BMCC, BMPCC, BMPC 4K, Canon C100,

Time-lapse Photography – Shooting 4K and Beyond

Remember the time back in the late 2008 when the Canon 5D mark II was announced. It was a fantastic stills camera widely adopted by professional photographers all over the world. However, soon enough, many filmmakers  were stunned by its great capabilities of capturing gorgeous HD images in video