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Sound Devices 888, 833, and Scorpio Firmware v3.10 Released

Sound Devices has just announced firmware update v3.10 for their 8-Series Portable Mixer-Recorders, including the top of the lineup Scorpio, the Sound Devices 888, and the Sound Devices 833 that many sound recordists and sound mixers will find helpful. Firmware update 3.10 (or simply v3.10) includes support

Sound Devices MixPre Firmware v5.0 Update Released

Sound Devices announces MixPre firmware v5.00 update for all MixPre mixer-recorders, including the new MixPre II Series. Firmware v5.00 is applicable to all current and legacy MixPre and MixPre-M models, and it brings quite a few useful improvements and features, including flexible USB output routing and USB

K-Tek Stingray Bag for the Zoom F6 Multi-track Recorder/Mixer

Pro audio accessories maker K-Tek has a new Stingray bag designed for the portable Zoom F6 mixer/recorder. The K-Tek KFS6 offers safety and protection while accommodating common working styles with access to all Zoom F6 connection points. Zoom have been making awesome handheld portable audio recorders for

Sound Devices 888 Production Mixer with Dante Announced

Sound Devices has announced the third mixer-recorder in their new 8-Series: the Sound Devices 888 Portable Production Mixer-Recorder. Sound Devices are a legendary brand in the pro audio field mixer-recorder game, and their new “big boy” 888 mixer is the smallest portable mixer-recorder available that offers Dante

Sound Devices Scorpio and 833 Firmware v3.00 Released

Sound Devices just released firmware v3.00 for their latest Scorpio and 833 recorder/mixers. Firmware version 3.00 includes the revered Sound Devices’ MixAssist algorithm, integration with the popular Sound Devices CL-12 linear fader controller, AAC recording for immediate handoff to transcription and more. Sound Devices’ MixAssist algorithm intelligently

Sound Devices 833 Portable Compact Mixer-Recorder Announced

At IBC 2019, Sound Devices showed-off their latest 833 Portable Compact Mixer-Recorder. IBC 2019 attendees were the first to experience this new release from Sound Devices, which features 6 mic/line preamplifiers, 8 channels, a 256 GB internal SSD, and dual Sony NP-F L-series battery charging and powering.

RODECaster Pro Firmware Version 2.0 Now Available

RODE Microphones has just released the next major firmware update for their podcast production studio RODECaster Pro. The new firmware version 2.0 brings over 25 powerful features to the RODECaster Pro and also improves the companion app. Firmware version 2.0 builds upon the major updates from earlier

Wooden Camera VX Skateboard Camera Mic Announced

Wooden Camera have just announced an on-camera mic – the VX Skateboard Camera Mic! Yes, you read that right – the company you normally associate with high-quality camera accessories ranging from QR baseplates, follow focuses and matte boxes have now resurrected a classic microphone from days gone

Tascam Introduces DR-X Series Handheld Audio Recorders

Esteemed audio maker TASCAM has introduced the next generation of their popular line of professional grade handheld recorders, the DR-X Series. Many of you may be familiar with the Tascam DR-40 4-track portable audio recorder, and now Tascam have an updated DR-40X version, as well as two more

RODE Launches “My RODE Cast” Podcast Competition!

To celebrate the launch of the latest new products designed for the exploding world of podcasting, the RODECaster Pro and RODE PodMic, popular Australian audio maker Rode Microphones are announcing a new competition for podcasters called My RØDE Cast! I am sure most of you are familiar and have entered the popular