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New Chrosziel Cage for the Panasonic GH5

Esteemed German camera accessories manufacturer Chrosziel have a brand new purpose-built cage for the Panasonic GH5. You may recall we recently posted a list of custom cages available for the GH5, and in case you missed it – you can head over to this link and catch

New Sony A7sII LockPort Micro Cage from Lock Circle

The form factor of most 4K cameras today requires some significant additional accessories in order to complete the rig and bring in up to the rigorous demands of modern video production. This applies not only to traditional cameras like the Sony FS7, but also to the smaller,

Motion9 Made a Cage For The Samsung NX1 4K Camera

One of the first accessories filmmakers tend to buy along their new mirrorless camera, other than a few extra batteries, is a cage. Yes, guilty as charged here. We love not just the cameras themselves, but also the gear around it. And since most of use who shoot

New Atomos Shogun Cage From Motion9

It was only a matter of time before 3rd party manufacturers started to make accessories and primarily cages for the Atomos Shogun, which has proven to be an inseparable part of many Sony A7s and GH4 shooters’ kit bags. And now with the even more affordable Atomos

Varavon Teases New Atomos Shogun & Sony A7s Cages

While we’re awaiting the next round of firmware updates for the Shogun from the good people at Atomos, a lot of folks have been looking for ways to kit out their Sony A7s and Shogun combos. Shape have a really interesting protective cage for the Shogun, and

PVGear Kaval Cage Provides Solid Protection for Your Atomos Shogun

If you already own the Atomos Shogun Recorder/Monitor you are probably quite familiar with its versatile capabilities being one of the most popular 4K recorders right now, however like any other device, it’s not perfect. Some users share the recorder feels a little bit cheap regarding build quality, especially compared